Angela Sands

Exercise Physiologist & Occupational Therapist Aide


Bachelor of Human Movement, Catholic University, 2000
Diploma of Paramedical Science, Ambulance NSW, 2008
Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation), Charles Sturt University, 2015
Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Charles Sturt University, 2017-current

Movement is life! I am a huge believer in learning by doing. If you have a particular ‘thing’ you want to get better at – I’m your girl. I have qualifications in exercise, paramedicine and (nearly) physiotherapy, as well as being a Brain Gym® Instructor and Consultant.

Brain Gym® is the simplest way to combine all the science and shenanigans I’ve learned at university into easy to do movements that create real change to both our bodies and brains. I’ve personally used Brain Gym® to help with swimming, bike riding, learning uni work and singing on stage, to name just a few ‘things’. I’ve seen huge growth in both adults and kids after Brain Gym® sessions and would love to help you achieve some great results also.

I have worked with all age ranges, including:

  • children to help with Retained Primitive Reflexes. This assists with school work, calming and improved overall wellbeing
  • adults to help with stroke and cardiac rehabiltation, goal setting and general wellbeing
  • the older population to help with improved mobility, improved mood and better quality of life

I love working with families to create happy, healthy bonds and show that everyone can benefit from Brain Gym®

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