Libby Luo  

Speech Pathologist


– Master of Speech Pathology, Griffith University
– Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours), University of Queensland

My clinical practicum experience as well as working as an Allied Health Assistant have provided me the opportunity to exercise my clinical skills in a variety of settings. These include childcare centres, primary schools, hospitals (acute and in-patient rehabilitation), and private practices. I value the importance of person-centred care, evidence-based assessment and management, as well as culturally responsive practice. Coming from a biotechnology background, I’m a firm believer that the acceptance of an idea is dependent upon the evidence relevant to it. I am fluent in Mandarin and English, I have always enjoyed learning about different cultures as it helps me to view things from a different perspective, providing me with new approaches to problem-solving.  

My paediatric experience included placements in child care centres, primary schools, mobile practice (my eight-week block placement was with SPOT4YOU & SPOT4KIDS). I also worked as an Allied Health Assistant at two private practices during my four month university holiday. I’ve worked with paediatric clients across a variety of ages (from toddlers to high-schoolers) and complexity levels (children with developmental delays, learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders). During this time, I’ve conducted supervised formal and informal assessments related to speech, language, literacy and fluency. I’ve also administered individual and group therapies, targeting areas including language, speech, literacy, fluency and social skills.  

My adult placement experience included both hospital day therapy units and acute wards. I had a wide variety of caseload including aphasia, dysarthria, cognitive communication disorder, apraxia of speech, functional neurological disorder, progressive neurological conditions (dementia and Parkinson’s disease) and dysphagia.  

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