Lucy Heinemann

Occupational Therapist Aide


I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree at the University of Queensland.

Belonging to a profession where I am given the opportunity to assist people in developing their abilities is incredibly rewarding.

My employment and university experiences have enabled me to develop essential skills that provide reliable support to adults and children. In my previous employment as a support worker, I assisted individuals with various disabilities throughout their daily lives while encouraging independence and individual success.

Previous experience as a supporting coach for a gymnastics teacher honed my ability to help children develop their gross and fine motor skills. The degree I am currently studying for is also equipping me with the tools and practices to support the developmental needs of all individuals.

I would describe myself as a passionate and caring individual. I am motivated and enthusiastic about supporting others in their journey to achieve their goals. As an Occupational Therapy Aide, I aim to continually develop my skills to ensure I am providing the best opportunities and support for others.

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