Nini Wang

Occupational Therapist Aide


I am currently completing a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) at Griffith University.

I am about to commence my final year in my studies to become a qualified Occupational Therapist. My past three years of study have provided invaluable expertise, actively engaging with diverse clients and applying theoretical knowledge in practice. I chose to pursue this profession as I am passionate about enabling individuals to achieve meaningful and fulfilling lives by overcoming challenges and empowering individuals using their strengths.

My supervised paediatric experience encompasses a variety of settings ranging from telehealth to primary school classrooms. I have participated in training courses in areas such as child development and autism awareness that equip me with the skills to understand and address the needs of children. I have also shadowed paediatric occupational therapy sessions.

Additionally, I have also completed a placement at an aged-care facility where I have engaged with residents to lead meaningful lives using arts and crafts, games and companionship. This was completed with supervision ensuring that I obtained feedback that will help me grow as a future clinician.

Currently, I am completing a student-led research project at Griffith University which will provide me with skills in critical analysis and communication. This will benefit practice by enabling me to stay informed about evidence-based interventions, ensuring that the services my clients will be receiving is underpinned by the latest methodologies.

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