Raian Pinhati

Speech Pathologist Aide


– Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics (HLSS), Griffith University

I am a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics (completed in December 2023) and soon to begin an Honours project in Linguistics at Griffith University. I have worked mainly in language teaching (including Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and English) as well as in linguistic research and language documentation.

Helping people communicate independently and effectively in the language they feel most comfortable in has been a constant in my life. As a teacher, I have been able to meet and connect with people of varied ages and backgrounds with distinct goals and motivations, to communicate in a different language or improve their skills in their native language. This experience also translates into my current role as a Speech Pathologist Aide and my language/speech career, as I am also able to use these skills to establish effective communication with my clients and ensure they feel heard, understood and comfortable in our sessions.

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