Vy Chuang

Speech Pathologist


– Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours), University of Queensland

I have had multiple opportunities to work with school-age children with a variety of communication difficulties, as well as clinical experience with adult patients with communication difficulties. My goals as a Speech Pathologist are to ensure patient-centred care whilst using the best evidence based practice to ensure best outcome, as I truly believe that everyone is different with their own unique strengths and values.

After completing two block placements in both paediatric and adult settings, I am motivated to become a generalist to treat all patients. My clinical experiences up to date are delivering assessments and intervention for paediatric population, with some exposure for using multimodal communication with children with complex communication difficulties. I am adept in administering screenings, delivering intervention, and providing total patient care. My experience has afforded me a well rounded skill set, including case management, proficient time management, maintaining documentation to meet procedural and regulatory requirements, flexibility, and adaptability skills.

I was also graced with the opportunity to work at a regional hospital to gain extensive supervision experience working with the adult patient population with language, cognitive communication, and/or swallowing complications. I have gained confidence with administering language and cognitive communication screenings and swallowing assessments. I collaborated with the patients to develop goals and delivered interventions to help the patients to be independent as much as they can with their daily activities to improve their quality of life.

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